Cryotherapy training course

Duration: 1 day 10am-3pm
Course cost: £499 including kit
Accreditation: Fully CPD accredited
Pre requirements: No qualifications or certifications are required for this course.

You can pay in full or £150 deposit is required to secure your place. The remaining balance will be due on the day of your course. Cash and card accepted. Payment plans available however the balance must be cleared by your course start date.

What is cryotherapy?
Cryotherapy uses an advanced freezing innovation to remove skin imperfection such as; cherry angiomas, skin tags, keratosis, solar lentigos, verrucas and common warts. This fast and effective treatment usually takes anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds making it highly profitable procedure.

Course Content
• What is cryotherapy and how does it work
• Treatment techniques
• Treatment protocol
• Aftercare and maintenance
• Health and safety

• Tutor demonstration of cryotherapy treatment
• Students practicing on models

Our 1 day cryotherapy course covers the necessary training to allow you to work in a safe and sterile way. All students receive a training manual. We like to update our manuals when needed and any changes will be sent to you free of charge. Our experienced tutor will show you the demonstration of cryotherapy treatment and we allow you to record this to look back on if needed in the future. These videos are also posted in our WhatsApp group and Facebook page.

You will learn how to give a thorough consultation for treatment, to correctly give post aftercare advice and how to discuss client expectations. We will teach you how to safety set up your trolly and work in a hygienic and controlled environment. You will need to provide a model for practical. Models must arrive at 1pm and stay for the remainder of the training day.

*if you are unable to provide a model please inform us directly as we may be able to assist in providing for you*

Certification/Insurance: this course provides a fully accredited CPD certificate along with contact information of insurers. You are not required to do home case studies. We are strongly against this at it means students going away practicing without observation of our trainer and without insurance. You will receive your certificate on the final day of the course ready for you to start practicing and get insurance immediately. This treatment can be carried out in any of the following settings: beauty salon, clinic or from home salon.

*We allow students to re-sit this course if they feel the need for confidence and skills. This is free of charge*

Ongoing Support: On completion of the course, the Anime Beauty team will provide ongoing support for all students. We feel this is important and will always be available to assist you if ever you need.

We kindly ask all students to come in clean tunic and trousers for practical treatment. Hair must be tied back off the face. Shoes must be low healed/flat. No open toes or sling backs please.